to fellow etsians

I saw this image this morning and it got the gears turning.

I’m a small independent merchant on etsy, as are many of you, and I wanted a way to thank anyone who chooses to buy artwork from me rather than some box store and encourage them to continue to support independent merchants. 

The only way I can think of doing that is with a coupon code (and a thank you sketch). Therefore, I’ve added a 10% coupon code called “OCCUPY” on my etsy store. Below is a quick promo image that you are free to use if you want to join; And wouldn’t it work better if there were more of us? If you do join please reblog so we can get the word out.

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    Just like with Paige’s etsy store, you can use OCCUPY as a 10% off coupon code in my etsy store.
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    I really love this idea and I am considering it! I think I will start it Nov. 1st!!
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