[Image: Gifs of Cinderella and Prince Christopher talking on a crowded street and of the two of them smiling at each other.]

Cinderella: I’m not sure I want to meet this stranger. I doubt if he has any idea how a girl should be treated.
Christopher: Like a princess, I suppose.
Cinderella: No! Like a person with kindness and respect.

My most favorite version of Cinderella. Can we talk about how BOTH main characters are people of color. Prince Charming is Asian and the most captivating person in the village is an african American woman who believes in kindness and respect? Let’s talk about it. Let’s have a full conversation about it.

No one… NO ONE will ever understand how happy this movie makes me.

No one.

when i was younger, i wanted to be asian prince charming

Love this film for so many reasons. I was so obsessed with Brandy back in the day. Prince Charming was too too fine.


Why have I not watched this movie recently?! Hell, why don’t I own it?! I need to solve this.

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