Getting to know yoooouuuu

I want to know my followers so let’s play this game: I’ll post a question and you answer if you want :D

What do you want to be when you grow up?

(psst, birth year has nothing to do with when you’re a grown up ^.~)

  1. helloelloh answered: I’d LOVE to work at a bakery, making cakes, cupcakes, doing design work on the foods, plus making them, playing with recipes…dreamy sigh.
  2. gatetoimagination answered: a wiser, happier, grounded me but always young at heart
  3. ninjabunni answered: Stay young at heart as long as possible..
  4. cadwallia answered: A famous and slightly controversial novelist :D
  5. soulsistrin said: I want to be free
  6. soulsistrin answered: I want tob
  7. microbrien answered: I want to be a writer.
  8. amoonlakemermaid answered: A Wildlife Biologist! I want to teach people about wildlife.
  9. okieday17 answered: Trashy romance novel writer
  10. fortunetoro answered: A novelist… Im close to being grown up, about to finish my undergrad English and begin my masters in Creative Writing. XD
  11. gracefully-flailing answered: I want to be either a chef or an artist:) Or maybe I could combine the two!
  12. twistly answered: singer. but then a doctor in the army, and now studying engeneering, haha
  13. geocrats answered: A stay at home dad who teaches people that trans* individuals are normal people and I can be a great Dad regardless on my assigned sex
  14. tilita answered: I want to study Chemistry :D I don’t know for what yet..
  15. explodingbooks answered: I want to join the Old Gaurd in arlington national cemetery
  16. galaxypriince answered: Well, I’m GOING to be a Mechanic, but I’ve always wanted to do something in the arts, like fictional writing and teaching Art to little kids.
  17. macaramba answered: I want to be a cancer researcher! :D I’m on my way there, just recently got accepted into a Master’s in Biology program.
  18. vanillajester answered: Happier.
  19. rz350nc answered: Retired.
  20. mcsherrybr answered: I have no idea actually. I’ve considered getting into computer science but that sounds so boring! :P
  21. disneyprincessalexia answered: A Hairdresser. <3 I love hair.
  22. beardspectrum answered: a writer/ journalist or photographer, still undecided D:
  23. elephanthat answered: fireman. Or an astronaut. i’m going more for fireman more though.
  24. wonderingaboutthesouffles answered: A filmmaker. And I shall make quirky independent films with Jennifer Lawrence and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is the plan.
  25. meghanncsmith answered: Just started following… so hi! And I’m in school to be a nurse currently :3 !
  26. inwardthoughts answered: Surgeon
  27. nosleeptillbklyn said: i used to want to be a pet store owner or a zookeeper. now, i just want to be happy
  28. spirograffe answered: An action scientist! Well, no, I’m planning on either design engineering or linguistics for university. I dunno past that.
  29. egos-pathos answered: I want to be a biochemist. And maybe an authour, on the side.
  30. thedoctorwhorunsalone answered: I want to be a novelist :)
  31. karlastrinkets answered: I want to be a drama therapist! =D
  32. portraitofasmile answered: an opera singer! :-)
  33. admiralboobs said: I’m 29! -.-
  34. aeavanwatermelon answered: An author.
  35. urban-gypsy answered: I wanna be famous I wanna be a rockstar… I have no idea what I want to be…
  36. april-polyverse answered: A treehouse
  37. teacup-hare answered: vintage/curiosity shop owner! or run a gastropub with the boy
  38. krispyfresh answered: web dev… wait am I grown up? still working on it then…
  39. ehugs answered: An 80’s porn star. u__’__u
  40. beautyandafunnygirl answered: a teacher!
  41. coffeepiesandstuff answered: happy :o
  42. sanityisgone answered: Auror! nah, the truth, want to be a chemical engineer
  43. ophiucha answered: Already grown up. Still undecided.
  44. christie-in-real-life answered: When I was 5, a ballet dancer. When I was 15, an animator. Now (22), I want to be the best man, for my best woman… Also, Iron Man.
  45. the-gingerdancer answered: I want to be a nurse when I grow up :3 x
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