My one and only post about the Tony Harris outburst:


Dear Mr. Harris,

This is all I have to say to you and your hideous, backwards attitudes:

We don’t need your permission to be considered as legitimate fans.  Women and Comic Artists/Writers are not two mutually exclusive categories.  For example, I am a woman, a cosplayer, a comic artist and a comic writer.

I will go to conventions, wearing what the hell I want.  I will BE a comic artist and writer and professional, despite the attitude prevailing in the industry that you share, that somehow my only job is to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of comics while having the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, existing solely to either metaphorically or literally suck the dicks of men like you.  I will exist, I will thrive, I will make friends and enjoy my fandom and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.  Continue to impotently flail and make an ass of yourself on the internet, please.  Your BroTears are delicious.

In conclusion, please go fuck yourself.

No Love,
Nerd Girl Nacey.
(Happy Cosplayer, Passionate Artist)

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    ERG ERG ERG I FEEL GROSS JUST READING THAT BILE. This isn’t just dismissing cosplaying women, this is actually awful...
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    Yet another tosser decides they know what is going on in other people’s heads. YOU CANNOT STOP US. WE ARE ALREADY HERE....
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    Fucking PREACH.